Bettina - from her ad on Dream Horse in 2003

Bettina was given to us in September of 2003 at age 15

Bettina passed away in May of 2017 - she was 29.

She had decided that she didn't want to be ridden anymore and needed a permanent home.

Bettina is a Thoroughbred mare. She raced as a two-year old, then went on to have many owners. She had a career in dressage, unfortunately she was a lower level horse and was often sold as people moved on to a "better" horse. Eventually she became sour and disliked people, refusing to be ridden - going so far as to lay down to avoid it.

Bettina's registered name is Lease A Man (a terrible name!) and when she came to us her name was not set, she was called both Lisa and Lucy. Neither name fit her, and one day I asked her what she wanted her name to be. This may sound unbelievable, but I faintly heard (in my mind) what sounded to me like "Betty". I asked out loud, "Betty?" and instantly heard (in a loud and critical tone) "Bettina!!". I had no idea at the time that Bettina was even a name, but that is what I called her from that day. I later learned that Bettina is a German name.

Bettina quickly appointed herself "Huey's girl" and has remained so ever since. She has also overcome her dislike of people and openly seeks scratches and other signs of affection.

In addition, she has taken on the job of teacher and disciplinarian. When Rain was born, Rose taught her to avoid people. (Rose had learned not to trust humans somewhere.) When Rain was a few months old, Bettina took charge. She kept Rose away from Rain for three days - although she allowed Rain to go to Rose to nurse - while she mentored her. At the end of those three days, Rain was a different girl. She no longer avoided people, but emulated Huey and Bettina, becoming friendly and seeking attention.

bettina in chicken coop

Bettina showing her curiosity.