Tiz Life and More Oysters day one

Update:  Beauty's knee started to deteriorate this spring and rather than risk something terrible happening, and to prevent suffering, she was euthanized on March 30, 2016.  Her passing was very easy, the sedative she was given had an opioid in it, and her face clearly showed that she felt GOOD. She will be missed.
We took in Tiz Life (aka Beauty) in December of 2011, at age 6.

Beauty is about 17 hands and perhaps because of that, she was born with a deformed leg.  Apparently it was bent wrong in the womb and her knee could not form normally.

Still, since her sire is Tiznow, she had prospects as a broodmare.  Unfortunately her first foal died shortly after birth, and she didn't get in foal again.  Being a poor broodmare, as well as having a deformed leg, her future wasn't bright.

She is a very friendly girl, and despite how her leg looks, she moves freely, walks, trots, gallops, and bucks.  She and Maura are close friends.


Beauty's leg.