Willow on day one

Update April 14, 2011

Willow was humanely euthanized as a result of a degenerative condition in her knees.

Update May 2008

Willow is back at For The Horse. Her foster home had to downsize, unfortunately. But we're happy to have her back and Willow is doing great.

Update November 2006

Willow has a new home!! She is living with 3 other horses at a wonderful home in Chimacum.


We purchased Willow at the Marysville auction in May of 2006.

We were told she was 20 or 21 and had been a show horse and taken several children to championships. Willow was run down, a little thin, and had an eye injury when we got her. It didn't take long for her to regain her strength and for her eye to heal. Within just a few months she was nearly unrecognizable and looked much younger than her 20 years.

Willow had been nursing her 2005 foal prior to coming to auction. And her 2004 foal was also brought to the auction to be sold.

Willow is an excellent trail horse and very good with beginners of any age.

willow rightside july-06

Willow a couple months later.