soldier in fog

Soldier in the fog in Colorado.

Soldier left us in April 2006.

On Saturday, April 22, Soldier decided he was ready to get rid of his tired, crippled body. I found him lying down very calmly, with Lucy and Huey (his immediate family) standing guard. It was very clear he was not in pain or injured. It was also very clear that he didn't want to get up. I called the vet and Soldier was humanely euthanized where he lay. Huey and Lucy stood calmly by, offering me, as well as Soldier, their support and strength. The rest of the herd, Roxie, Legacy, Bettina, Libby, and Willow stood calmly some distance away. It was apparent that all knew what was going on. It was a learning experience for me to see the quiet dignity with which all the horses supported Soldier in his decision, and paid their respects after he had passed.

Soldier was a very special horse and will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.

Soldier's Story . . .

In October 2001, Soldier was at Centennial Auction in Fort Collins, Colorado. His only identification was a slip of paper tacked to his pen with the words "Well broke" scrawled on it. He was about 15, lame, and very thin. He appeared to be a Thoroughbred or Appendix QH. There were not many bids for him and in the end he went for only 19 cents a pound. His teeth were in very bad shape (see photo left) and a dental specialist from Colorado State University treated him. Over time, and with barefoot trimming, his foot lameness went away.

He had other issues - hip, back, stifle, and knees. Soldier has been treated with vet/chiropractic and acupuncture, as well as being treated with the McLaren photonic torch, essential oils, herbs, and Reiki. Animal Communicator Danielle Sender did a reading for Soldier which was very insightful and a big aid in helping him emotionally.

soldier teeth

Soldier's teeth