Shadow not long after her arrival

Shadowfax came to us in July (2007) (as a 9-year old).

Her owner was having medical issues that precluded her from taking care of her horses. Unable to find homes for her last 2 (Shadow and Friday) the plan was to euthanize them. We felt both horses deserved to live and so we took them in.

Shadow is a gorgeous girl!! 17 hands tall (the man in the photo is over 6'3" - compare this photo with the one of Friday who is 15 hands).

Shadowfax is a registered American Warmblood. Her dam was a Thoroughbred and her sire a Hanoverian (Esbjerg). Her great grandsire was Damascus.

She was diagnosed several years ago with navicular and shod with eggbar shoes and wedge pads. Since coming to FTH, her shoes have been pulled and she is now receiving natural hoof care. We can already see improvement.

She has since become co-leader of the herd.