Roxie (aka Pixie) with her baby mule Molly

We got Roxanne in May of 2005, at age 5.

Roxie is a mustang. She was adopted, along with two other weanling fillies, by a woman who worked at the Canon City Prison, in Colorado. The woman had never had horses before and having three babies was a challenge.

In May we were alerted that three mustangs were being sold and needed homes. At this time they were 5 years old!

We went down to look at them and selected Roxanne to take home. Her name at the time was Pixie, but she is far from a Pixie, so we renamed her immediately to Roxie. Per an animal communicator she prefers to be called Roxanne.

Roxie had a yearling mule by her side, but we were unable to talk the woman into letting us have her, so Roxie had to leave her behind. Even so, it was clear that Roxie had really wanted a new home, and she fit into the herd immediately.

She is a very unusual horse - she pays close attention to all that we do, and makes her wishes known very clearly. She is affectionate and loves scratches.

In May of 2014, my TB mare, Threeforks River gave birth to a colt.  A day later, at the veterinary hospital the mare passed away.  Roxanna stepped up and adopted the baby.  Though she couldn't nurse him, she gave him a real mom.


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