Photo of Rose taken by her former owner

Update: Rose was humanely euthanized on April 14, 2011.

She had suffered from a neurological condition since we got her. Over time her muscles had atrophied, and though she did not appear to be in pain, we felt it was best to let her go now, before her condition deteriorated further.

She will be missed, especially by Chance, my Thoroughbred gelding.


We contacted animal communicator Bonnie Fogg (April 2007) to find out what Rose is thinking (she has been trying to tell us something since Libby left). It turns out Rose is worried about what's going to happen to her. We have given Rose the choice of going to a new home or staying with us, and she has chosen to stay. We will honor Rose's request and she will stay at For The Horse until or if she decides she's ready to go to her own special home.

Rose was given to FTH in June of 2006.

Her full name is HH Zephyr Rose, and she is an 8-year old registered Quarter Horse. Her owner turned her over to us because he didn't have another area to keep her in and she was not doing well on all the lush pasture that was available. She was suffering from extreme photosensitivity as well as being lame.

Since arriving at FTH, her nose has returned to it's normal pink color. Her lameness has diminished as well.

Rose was bred to an Appaloosa stallion by her previous owner but was thought to have lost the foal. We were very surprised when her belly grew huge! Rose gave birth to a filly on Sept 13, 2006. The filly is named Rainmaker because she brought a week of rain with her when she appeared. Rainmaker is going to be grey like her mom.

rose with legacy

Rose with friend, Legacy.