Rain with her mom, Rose, on her birth day!

Update! May 2009

Rainmaker has been adopted! She has a new home in Arlington, WA where she will have lots of young horses to play with.


Rainmaker was born the morning of September 13, 2006. Her mother is Zepher Rose, a registered Quarter Horse who came to FTH in June of 2006. Her sire is an Appaloosa stallion.

It hadn't rained for many weeks when Rainmaker was born, but right after her birth it started raining and rained for a week! That's where her name originated.

Rainmaker is taken care of not only by her mother, but by the rest of the herd, Huey (the herd leader), Bettina, Lucy, Roxie, Belle, Legacy, and Libby. They share their food with her and it's not unusual to find her napping in someone's hay pile while they nibble around her. It's been quite an experience watching how the herd deals with different situations and we are all learning a lot.

Bettina and Roxie have appointed themselves official "aunts" and are doing a great job!

Rainmaker 5-14-07

Rain at 10 months.