Lucy winter 2003/2004

In September of 2003 I purchased Lucy for Soldier

When I had Danielle Sender do a reading on Soldier in 2002, he revealed to her that he would like to mentor young horses. Almost immediately after that reading, a young warmblood moved to the ranch were I boarded Soldier and Huey. Soldier immediately took the young horse under his wing and spent nearly all his time with him, disciplining him and teaching him. I was amazed.

To make a long story short, we had to leave that place abruptly due to the owners not feeding the horses. I felt sad that Soldier had to leave his young friend, and promised that when I could, I would buy him a baby of his own.

In 2003 I rented a 20 acre farm and so had room for another horse. I went to the same place where I had bought Huey, and bought a young weanling filly. She is a registered breeding stock Paint, as she has no spots, and her registered name is Sheezaluckydevil. I named her that because, in a way, she was also a rescue, as that farm had a reputation of sending babies without color to the same auction at which I got Soldier.

When I brought her home, Soldier and Huey - one on each side of her - walked her around the paddock and showed her the fence line. The rest is history.

There is nothing wrong with Lucy, but she has permanent home at the rescue.