maddox leftside 10-30-05

Libby as she looked when she arrived.
Update! Libby has found a home in eastern Washington (April 2007).

She will be sharing 300 acres with 18 other horses, many of whom are also rescues. The people who have adopted Libby have the patience needed to continue working on her trust issues.


We purchased Libby from Columbia Basin Equine Rescue in October of 2005. She was quite thin and very unapproachable. We have no idea how old she was (or is) - but she appears to be neither very young or old.

It's clear that Libby has learned people are not to be trusted. But it's also clear that she's very intelligent and not mean spirited.

She began gaining weight immediately and has become quite beautiful!

Libby's name was Maddox when we got her, after her reading from Danielle Sender of Animal Connection, we changed it.

Libby has found a friend and admirer in our volunteer, Tracy. Tracy hopes to foster Libby in the near future. Meanwhile, she is working to rebuild Libby's trust.

libby banner

Libby as she looked 7 months later.


libby tracy closeup

Libby and volunteer Tracy.