Update: Friday has been adopted.

He went to his new home on February 25, 2008. He will be living with another gelding his own age - Tony - on 2 acres of lake front property. His new owners saw his wonderful personality immediately and knew he would make a good companion for their other horse, who had recently lost his friend of many years, a 38 year old mule. We are very happy for Friday!

Friday came to us in July of 2007. His owner was having medical issues that precluded her from taking care of her horses. When no home could be found for Friday (or Shadow), his owner was at her wits end and called us. If we had not taken Friday, he would have been euthanized in a few weeks.

Friday is quite the survivor! He was shot in the face as a foal - the victim of a drive-by shooting. When he was four he broke his shoulder. Despite all that, he became a great trail horse and is now 17. He is a Quarter Horse.

Friday has a very mild case of laminitis and is also receiving natural barefoot trims.