About Us

In 2010 we changed our mission from being a rescue which rehomes horses to being a Sanctuary.

After 5 years in operation we've learned a tremendous amount about horses and the deep relationships they form amongst each other. As a result we've come to believe that asking them to leave the friends they've found, and the stability of the herd is almost a betrayal. The horses have come to us from other homes, and suffered the loss of friends and perhaps even family. Many were also ill treated. Here at For The Horse, they have regained their physical, mental, and emotional health. Most importantly, they have come to trust us, and have formed deep friendships with other horses. To ask them to once again give that up seems cruel.

The horses who are here now, as well as any additional horses we take in, will have a permanent home for the rest of their lives.

Mission Statement 

The mission of For The Horse Equine Rescue is to provide a permanent home for unwanted horses, or horses whose owners can no longer keep them.

All the horses shall live in a herd and be provided an environment and lifestyle which will promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In support of these efforts For The Horse will employ and promote natural horse keeping and training methods, as well as natural barefoot trimming. It is our goal to provide the horses who come to us with the life all horses deserve - one spent with friends and 'family' along with humans who love and respect them as the unique individuals they are.